Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why you call a digital business card a KARD?

For obvious reason- Digital business card or a personal microsite or an app that can display and help share your digital identity and even download to local phone book are simply trying to describe some aspects of what GoKardz has to offer. We simply call all of this and more a 'KARD' and many such KARD as 'KARDZ'. This makes us easy to explain everything and simply refer all of the opportunities that this ecosystem brings as your KARD.

2. Is GoKardz Free for individuals?

Absolutely Yes! GoKardz is FREE for all individuals and will always be FREE.

With this anyone can create their fully functional KARD and share them freely. As the ecosystem grows and GoKardz provides more value added services to individuals, that may become an optional paid service in future.

3. Is GoKardz free for Businesses?

GoKardz is free for every business without any employee Kard created and assigned. A free account can create a Business Kard and remain free for ever. If a business chooses to use GoKardz for their employees and take their organization to next level in terms of digital identity of their staff they can choose from attractive annual plans we have to offer. It is sure to save you many times more while opening up many opportunities of sales branding and marketing for your brand.

As a launch offer, every business has free access to GoKardz till 31st March 2023.

4. What value can GoKardz deliver for business?

GoKardz for business has tremendous value for any business in this era of digital and remote working. While any employee can have an awesome looking digital business Kard in few minutes, helping business go green, it directly helps in convenience of sharing them with anyone freely. On top of it businesses control the data on the Kard allowing them to keep your brand identity intact while at the same time allowing your employee to provide the information they wish to share on their Kardz. Business can even keep control on what information is shared by your employee and the most important block, preserve and reallocate the contacts of your employee to other employee when they leave the organisation.

One of the most attractive outcome of GoKardz is the possibility of any business to create as many brand ambassadors as the number of employees. Their Kard reflects your brand and can be packed with information and contents that creates a positive impact whenever the Kard is shared and re-shared. As a business you can post your open jobs, invite people to participate in your community, sell products and do much more within your Kard.

The GoKardz Ecosystem will continue to develop but the value it brings to any business is immense. GoJobs enables companies to post their jobs free and automatically attract deserving candidates from the growing community of Kard holders. GoShop will allow small businesses to even create a What'app enabled storefront in a click while allowing others to provide a gateway to their already existing eCommerce store. We have many other enabling systems getting added regularly that will keep increasing the value of your Business Kard.

*Many of our value added services will be coming in near future and we will keep you updated with our release plans.

5. What do you mean by Fully Sharable Kard?

When we say fully sharable, it is beyond what a normal person may be able to think about shareability. Each Kard can be freely downloaded in any Phonebook just by clicking a button on the Kard. You can share with anyone using your Kard Link or just flash the QR Code to get them your card. Kard allows you to share on any social media and it gets displayed with an awesome OG image that looks like your visiting card with a QR code. That ensures that you are able to share your Kard virtually anywhere in multiple ways. On top of it, you can create an email signature with your Kard link and get more views whenever you send an email anywhere.

6. When I share, how do I know that my Kard is being viewed by others?

We have taken care of that as well. Every Kard owner can embed Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel (Meta Pixel) code in your settings and get live statistics about how your Kard is performing with the public.

7. Can I create my Kard in any Language?

Absolutely. You need to type out in any language you wish. We have Google fonts to support multiple scripts. You however need to provide email and other key information during the time of creating your account in English.

8. How is Business Kard different from Personal Kard?

As the name suggests, Personal Kard is created by an individual providing a personal email ID, and that person is in full control of the information they provide on the Kard. This Kard can be deleted or blocked only by the individual who owns the Kard apart from the GoKardz admin team. An individual will get access to jobs and other ecosystem that is specifically for them to enjoy.

A Business Kard is created by a business representative by providing your business email ID, who will control the theme and other visual aspects of the Kard. They can invite employees to access the Kards they have created and employee can update the remaining information that is allowed by the business admin. A Business Kard can be edited, blocked and deleted by the Business Admin. This way, a business Kard ensures that business have better control on all the Kards and information in those Kards. The most important thing to understand is that a Business Kard cannot be managed by employee unless they create their personal account on GoKardz.

9. Why a person must create their personal account to manage their Business Kard?

Business Kard can be blocked and deleted by Business admins when any individual leaves the company while individual Kards are permanent. To ensure that we latch up your business Kard with your personal Kard, we ensure that you can add or remove the business card with your account anytime and manage both the Kards from same account. While this provides ease of management to the user, it also ensures that some identity of the person remains on the platform even after their business Kard is blocked. As an individual, you can simply add up with another business Kard after you leave your previous company.

10. What will happen if my employer or I delete or block my Kard?

Your Kard once deleted or blocked will no more be accessed by any user who has your Kard link. They will get a nice looking page telling that you are no more in the system. However, those who downloaded your contact in their personal phone book, the contact will remain with them unless they physically delete them. In case of a business Kard, system will either redirect to the page telling that Kard is no more in existence or may announce that the old Kard is no more active and the new person you may like to contact is here. It will then redirect to the Kard to your replacement. This needs settings from the business admin side however.

11. How can my privacy be protected?

A Kard is made for you to make your details public, therefore the only privacy you may expect is that you may like to keep your phone number, address and email ID not open with the other person. Kard allows you to make these settings. Beyond that, you may choose to show some data and hide them some other time. Platform provides you with all these basic features. In case you are looking for job or work and have provided some key information in your Kard related to that, we do not make that public. That information is flown to GoJobs where your profile can be picked by suitable employer and there too you are in full control. GoKardz takes adequate care to protect your data from hackers and we continuously try to keep ourselves updated on platform security.

12. What if any business wants to have their own theme and Kard look and feel?

We have provided nine themes for creating your Kard. Each theme has colour & font settings of your choice. If any business or individual wishes to get a new theme developed beyone those available, they can contact us for custom development of the same. In future we plan to release our Kard Editor that may give more freedom for choosing or creating your own Kard design.

13. Do I must have an account in GoKardz to view Kards of my friends and colleagues?

GoKardz account is not necessary to view, share & save the Kardz on your phone book. We have deliberately not gated the platform so that everyone can freely share your Kard. However if you wish to create one of your own, make connections and be part of the ecosystem, you need to create an account that takes just a few clicks and some basic information for both business and personal Kard.

14. Can I change my Kard information any time and that will update all the information with my connections?

Yes. All your information is stored in a webpage and any changed information will appear to anyone accessing your Kard within or outside the platform. The only information that will not be automatically changed is the data stored in a phonebook of the connections who have downloaded your Kard earlier. They need to download again and overwrite your info in the phonebook with a new one.

15. My business wants all the Kard information on their own website. Is that possible?

Kardz mapped to your domain is yet not available as a feature. We will be soon introducing this feature to make portability of Kardz even more easy.

16. Why do you call GoKardz as an ecosystem?

GoKardz provides everyone an opportunity to create their single digital identity by aggregating every digital footprint in their Kard. It does not stop just there. The support systems of GoKardz help every Kard holder in many ways like job posting and searching, self improvement, selling, offering deals, creating communities and setting chat network within the community and more. We keep adding more features as we grow. The ecosystem will keep improving and growing to facilitate Kard holders globally. Our tag line 'One Kard, Infinite Opportunities' is a reflection of the power of GoKardz.

17. How GoKardz different to a Social Media platform?

A Social Media platform is characterised with timelines, postings and people visiting to chat, like and see what others are upto. We realised that content overdose is already taking toll with user engagement dropping globally. We therefore preferred to create one place where every social platform link and more can be aggregated for users to share but there is no timeline, likes, dislikes and share feature in the system. GoKardz however provides a powerful and private way of socialising that is more meaningful and keeps you in better control of what you want to see and who you want to connect. Kard holders can easily chat with their connections, request meetings, send messages and even create chat spaces that allows lot of people to come together and discuss any topic of their interest. GoKardz provides an opportunity to every Kard holder to create their community and get higher benefits from them.

18. What if I want to delete my Kard and erase all my digital footprint associated with the Kard?

Yes, you can do that anytime right within the platform or can inform us at requesting your account deletion. GoKardz retains the right to delete fake looking, obscene, impersonated or incomplete Kardz from time to time without assigning any reason to the creator.

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