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Chuck your paper Kard for GoKardz

Saving trees is now a small reason to switch to GoKardz. With features like auto-updated Kards, provision for sharing more information that anyone can ever think of, beautiful digital designs,  easily sharable Kardz, and many more helpful features, GoKardz is a must have digital Kard for every business and individual.

Promote your business the new way

Share on social media & attract eyeballs, Kards carry not only your connections but anything that helps your business grow, from an online mini store to CRM, Chat Network, and more. Every business gets a Business Kard and every employee can be issued one business Kard as well.

Get access to best talent, FAST

With thousands of professionals on GoKardz, picking the best talent is now much easier. GoJobs, the jobs & talent network comes with a full fledged jobs platform. Share your job opening on your Kard and let anyone apply. It’s fast & easy.

Keep your business connections Safe

Worried about your sales team members leaving the company without updating their business progress, prospect leads, and customer data in CRM? With GoKardz, you can easily block their Kard and shift their connections, meetings & other important data to any other employee easily. The best part is that these connections get the new person contact immediately.

Make every employee your brand ambassador

Every Kard is a microsite of yours being shared freely by each of your employee. Imagine the eyeballs your branded Kard can generate, and the branding your employees can create just by sharing their Kardz. Their Kard can also have your store, jobs, offers, sales decks, and anything that you wish the recipients to access.

GoKardz is not just a digital Kaed, it is a digital ecosystem

You don’t have to have GoKardz account to access and share other Kardz.  Create your account only when you wish to create your own Kard. With your own Kard, you get a whole ecosystem that comes with your grand digital Identity.

Aggregate everything Digital

Aggregate all your digital footprint

You can share all your digital identities from this one Kard. Not only your social IDs, but also your website, blogs, online stores, mentions, and anything that can help you promote yourself better in a structured and presentable format. Choose from several highly configurable templates to create your company standard template or contact us to create one specifically for your company.

Mini CRM

More than 80% of the sales teams do not use CRM effectively just because it is too overwhelming for them. With your business Kard, you can get contact request, set meetings, and record customer data right within their Kard. You can connect with your customer if they are on GoKardz and keep them updated about your offerings as you grow. Yes, it is that simple.

Digital Strategy

Not a Social Media Platform

GoKardz is dedicated to giving everyone a single point elegant and attractive digital identity with a support ecosystem that is useful for individuals and businesses alike. GoKardz ensures that every business and person is able to exercise their choices to privacy and allows users to connect with each other, purely based on their willingness. This ensures that every Kard holder is not overwhelmed with content and timelines. Yet, when you share your Kard on any other platform, you get others to view what you want.

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